How To Maintain A Tidy Environment After Cleaning

For those who do home cleaning themselves or hire professional cleaners to tidy up their house, you are sure to have standard cleaning; but how long the effect will last in your house really depends on proper maintenance. Maintaining a healthy environment and having hygienic surfaces will benefit your kids and the whole family would benefit from healthier, happier lifestyles.

Don’t be afraid, maintenance isn’t as difficult as cleaning itself. These tips should help perform regular maintenance:

  • Keep a Cloth Handy After Your Cook

Kitchen offers a lot of function, so, it isn’t enough to just beautify it but to also clean and maintain as well. First, the kitchen cabinet should look clean and well organized. A well organized kitchen cabinet makes your kitchen look clean and clutter free. Since cooking and preparation takes place in the kitchen, it needs the best care it merits. Besides that, as we make use of the kitchen we should keep kitchen cloths clean after every cook. After cooking, remember to wash and dry pans and utensils. Do not load the dishwater with dirty plates, pots, and other utensils. When you are done with the stove or burner, clean it up before serving the meal.

  • Make Sure To Wipe Your Table Each Meal

Before you serve any meal, you can tidy up the table. This strategy will minimize any cleaning that you will do after the meal. Remember to wipe your table after eating. If there are any leftovers, you can store food in the storage containers and place it into the refrigerator. After each meal, get some help from your friends or family members to assist you with wiping the table and doing the dishes afterwards.

  • Ceiling Fan

After proper cleaning, spray some furniture polish to give your ceiling fan a brand-new shine. This will keep the blades from looking rusty and old. With a freshly-polished set of blades, you are sure to enjoy the comforting coolness of your ceiling fans.

  • Washing Machine

After cleaning, lemon juice can be used to help freshen up your washer in no time. Get some lemon juice and add in an empty water cycle. As it circulates inside, the lemon juice will dissolve residues and eliminate bacteria that are propagating inside. This will leave your washing machine smelling fresh afterward. Always remember that a dry machine is less susceptible to harmful bacteria. So, ensure that you leave your washer as dry as possible.

Simple but effective maintenance of your kitchen, toilet, bathroom, floors, cleaning air conditioners and fans will eliminate buildup of dust. Also, polishing cutlery, removing cobwebs, cleaning curtains and blinds and ensuring the inside of your cupboards are free of dust, debris, and other unwanted items. Such thorough maintenance wards off unwanted pests such as spiders, cockroaches, and flies.

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