Dust allergy is the commonest form of allergy at home with adverse effects that can endanger one’s health and well-being. Hence, it is vital to keep your home clean and dust-free to avoid allergies. Dusting can reduce the amount of airborne allergen in our homes. Even if this is not a convenient chore for you, take this activity serious for your own safety.

Are you already allergic to dust? Here are some helpful tips that will help you avoid dirt and debris at home.

  1. Mop

Using a dry mop with microfiber can get rid of dust easily and safely. Making it a routine each day to mop your house will prevent dust from accumulating all over the house. Mopping is very effective on tiles and vinyl floorings as the surfaces are smoother and easier to wipe.

  1. Cover Your Pillows and Mattress

If you don’t have covers for your pillows and mattress, make sure to get one after reading this article. This is because pillows, cushions, mattresses, blankets, etc. are areas most likely to attract dust mites. Covering your pillows and mattress with allergy-proof plastic covers will reduce the overall dust activity in your room. Also make sure to wash all bedding in hot water every week so as to kill the dust mites.

  1. Reduce the Hours You Open Your Doors and Windows

Depending on the area that you live, you may have to minimize the hours you open these access points. Keeping your doors and windows closed will lessen the amount of dust in the home, leaving no room for dust allergies.

  1. Clean Your Shoes Regularly

Shoes attract dust a lot. Always remember to clean your shoes regularly before introducing it inside the house.

  1. Pet Dander

Some people experience serious dust allergies. If that be the case, you should try and keep your pets outdoors as much as possible. Have someone to clean their litter as pet dander can trigger allergies.

  1. Vacuuming

Regular vacuuming (say once a week) can help you get rid of dust-causing objects because your floor contains objects that can help dust settle easily. For instance, when dust and dirt easily settle in carpets, it can easily find its way into the air. Vacuuming will help you to get eliminate the dirt before it accumulates.


  1. Hire a Professional Cleaning Service

Instead of going through the stress and spending precious time cleaning, why don’t you hire a professional cleaning service? Maid in Bristol offers professional cleaning service in the UK. Our experienced cleaners use natural products to get the job done, leaving your house dust free and sparkling clean.

Not considering these tips may lead to the following symptoms:

  • Coughing
  • Itchy nose, throat, and eye
  • Difficult breathing
  • Frequent sneezing
  • Watering eyes
  • Dark cycles under the eyes as a result of increased blood flow

Do not wait until you observe these symptoms, hire a professional cleaner today, visit Maid in Bristol.

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