Cleaning your air conditioner is as important as taking care of your car. It is an essential part of maintenance that many homeowners should take part in. It is important that you clean this machine regularly to increase its lifespan and to maximize performance. Proper care and maintenance of your air conditioner unit will make you spend less on repair or replacement.


There are basic cleaning tips that every homeowner should know even if you are a novice.

  1. Turn Off Power and Unplug

The first thing to do before cleaning any electrical appliance or machine is to turn off the power and unplug the unit. Always remember, safety comes first! You wouldn’t like to get shocked during the cleaning process.

  1. The Air Conditioning Drain

Locate the air conditioning drain and clean it gently. If it needs replacement, call on an expert or visit a local hardware store immediately.

  1. Cleaning the Fan

The fan is another essential part of an air conditioner as it helps to take in the air. You cannot allow dirt and debris to cover this important component. Use a clean moist cloth to remove all dirt from the fan. Also, apply about 6 drops of oil on the motor of the fan to make sure it moves freely.

  1. Cover

Air conditioner covers are meant to keep the compressor covered, especially during the winter months. These covers are inexpensive and will provide protection for the compressor against rain and snow.

How Often Do You Need to Clean Your Air Conditioner Unit

How often you clean your air conditioner unit depends on usage. Unlike cars, air conditioners are not meant to be cleaned daily; however, parts like the compressor (which is the outdoor unit for your AC) needs to be cleaned once a month. The filter is also meant to be cleaned once a month and changed according to the recommendations of the manufacturer. When you make regular cleaning of your air conditioner units a healthy habit, you prevent allergies from harming you and your family.

Why Go Through This Stress When You Can Easily Hire a Professional?

As easy as cleaning your air conditioner might seem there are some cleaning tips that can only be handled by a professional. No matter how clean you think you can keep your air conditioning unit, the benefits of hiring a professional cannot be overemphasized. For one, hiring a professional means you get maximum satisfaction because they offer guarantees for their works. More so, they know the best and safest methods to clear out the dirt or debris from every single part of the air conditioner unit. Professional cleaners will clean your drain efficiently to ensure the smooth operation of your machine.

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