Promoting healthy habits requires every part of your home (especially your bathroom and kitchen) to be clean. Your refrigerator and freezer are storage devices that help to preserve food items. When keeping your kitchen clean, the freezer is an essential part that needs to be kept clean and organized. In this article, we shall discuss how to keep your freezer clean.

Storing Only Fresh Products in the Freezer

One way to keep your freezer clean is to store fresh foods, fruits, and vegetables in it. Food items can last for several months in the freezer without losing its quality, as long as they are frozen. Note that the freezer is not a place to store soured or leftover foods.  Remember to use storage containers or freezer bags when storing food items in the freezer if you don’t want to mess up the freezer with substances that hails from the products.

Defrosting the Freezer Regularly

This is one hectic task that every homeowner likes doing. Defrosting the freezer can be painful and annoying if not done correctly. Defrosting is recommended because frost accumulated beyond normal can damage your freezer. It is a good practice to defrost your freezer according to the manufacturer’s instructions. The first two things to do during this procedure are to unplug the freezer and remove any food item in it. Give the frost some minutes to melt and drain out all of the water. Use a clean dry cloth and a strong cleaner to clean up the freezer. Leave the freezer for a while before restocking.

How often do we need to defrost our freezer?

Defrosting should be done once in a year or at most two times yearly.

Cooler Maintenance Tips

  • Your freezer should always be connected to a power source. If you have to unplug it, don’t let it exceed two weeks. Any date farther than 14 days will cause the coils to rust and may eventually damage the freezer.
  • When installing the freezer, make sure you position it in a place where air will be sufficient. Since the freezer generates heat, the last thing it needs is to disperse heat in a hot environment.

Cleaning the Freezer

Accumulation of dirt in your freezer makes it very difficult to clean. First, unplug your freezer before you start cleaning. A dirty freezer can be cleaned using a clean dry cloth. The cloth is used to wipe off food particles or ice chips. Clean the exterior part, the door and every other accessible component with a strong cleanser.

To promote healthy living, the inside of your freezer ought to be sparkling at all time. To achieve this, it is recommended that you clean your freezer once in every week. Can’t do this yourself? Maid in Bristol is a professional house and office cleaning service that can assist you with cleaning services. We offer all kinds of cleaning services including freezer cleaning, carpet cleaning, office cleaning, deep cleaning, etc. Contact us and get a quote today!

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