Shoes are a symbol of fashion that makes one look adorable. As comfortable and good looking as they are, they can as well be the perfect transport system for germ. Taking good care of your shoes is a primary step to ward off the dust particles and street dirt else those can easily be tracked onto your carpets at home. Bacteria, street dirt, toxins, asphalt, etc, can easily stick to the bottoms of your shoes and follow you back home. For this reason, wearing shoes at home can affect the longevity and cleanliness of your carpet.

Here’s why you should avoid wearing shoes at home

  • Dirt and debris in the carpets give it a pale and dull appearance. Wearing shoes at home will effectively transport those into your carpets.
  • Dirty shoes will not only damage your carpet but will also cause dark pathways from corner to corner.
  • Wearing shoes at home can make your feet susceptible to fungal infections. They are painful, hard to get rid of and highly contagious.


Tips for Taking Care of Your Shoes

Lack of maintenance is the major contributor to dirt and debris at home. It is also the reason for a short life for shoes. Here are some effective shoe cleaning habits for you.


The method of cleaning your shoes depends on the type of material used by the manufacturer. Regardless of the material, it is important that you should clean your shoes after wearing them. Suede-made shoes require specific detergent to wipe out the dirt. Shoes made with clothes need to be washing by hand while leather-made shoes can be mildly cleaned with linseed oil or olive oil.



Moisture is a suitable environment for bacteria to thrive. Drying your shoes will prevent the growth of bacteria and also keep your shoes in good shape. After washing, dry the shoes naturally under the sun or leave them in airy space. Never use dryers for your shoes. When drying sneakers, remove the shoe pads and fillers to ensure that the inside of your shoe gets dry as well.



This can be done with a clean dry duster. Polishing not only make your shoe shine, it provides a protective layer for your shoe in the event of rain or snow.


Proper Storage

Learn to sort your shoes before you store them. Sorting can be done according to size, color, material, occasion, and how often you wear the shoes. Arrange each pair inside your wardrobe. Separate the expensive ones and store them in shoe boxes while the frequently used ones should be stored in a place that can be easily accessible.


  • Remember not to clean the laces with your shoe. Remove them and wash separately.
  • Make sure to protect your hands with gloves when cleaning your shoes to avoid allergy.

If you can’t clean and dry your shoes, handing them to professional cleaners a good idea – they know how to get the job done.


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